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Members of pharmacy council of pakistan

In pursuance of Section 4 of Pharmacy Act 1967 (XI of 1967),  the Federal Government hereby approved the following members of Pharmacy Council of Pakistan 

 S.No     Name of Member  Designation Email
 1  Dr. Baseer Achakzai  President
 2  Prof. Dr. Mahjabeen  Member
 3  Dr Muhammad Akhlaq  Member
 4  Mr. Ubaid Khan  Member
 5  Dr.Ghulam Razaque   Member>
 6  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Ghoto  Secretary /Member
 7  Prof. Dr. Jamshed Ali Khan  Member
 8  Prof. Dr. Saeed Ahmad  Member
 9  Ali Ahmad Agha  Member
 10  Mr. Tanwir Ahmad Siddiqui  Member
 11  Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim  Member
 11  Mr. Malik Irshaq Hussain  Member


Director General Health/President Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Islamabad. Tel: "(051)9204191"


14-D, West Feroz Center, Blue Area, Islamabad. Tel: (051) 9204191

No other institution offering/running courses in Pharmacy has been granted recognition/ permission.
Students desirous to seek admission in the Pharmacy Institutions and their parents/guardians are advised in their own interest to obtain admission in an institution, where the Pharmacy courses and the required facilities have been recognized/permitted by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.  
It is further informed that w.e.f. from September 2009, the minimum entrance qualification for admission to the Pharm. D. Program has been revised to 60% marks in Intermediate (Pre-Medical).
The students studying in Pharm. D. Program are also advised to enroll with Pharmacy Council of Pakistan through their institutions. Effective from 2011, after successfully completing their degree course, their registration as “Pharmacists” will be based on this enrollment.    
Dr.Ghulam Razaque
Pharmacy Council of Pakistan