Pharmacy Council of Pakistan

Pharmacy Council Of Pakistan

National Health Services Regulations And Coordination


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Functionality Of Pharmacy Council Of Pakistan

  • To approve examinations in pharmacy for the purpose of qualifying persons for registration as pharmacists.

  • To prescribe the subjects in which approved examinations shall be held.

  • To approve the courses of study and practical training in pharmacy for the purpose of admission to approved examination.

  • To prescribe the conditions and procedure for admission of candidates to an approved examination.

  • To lay down the standard of teaching to be maintained by institutions conducting the approved courses of study.

  • To prescribe the equipment and facilities to be made available to the students

  • To recognize degree or diplomas in pharmacy for the purpose of registration as pharmacist.

  • To cause inspection of institutions which conduct any courses of study in pharmacy and of the teachings imparted and examinations held by them; and

  • To do such other acts and things as it may be empowered or required to do by or under this Act.