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PunjabUniversity College of Pharmacy, University of the Punjab, Lahore.B. Pharmacy &  Pharm. D.160150
PunjabFaculty of Pharmacy, Islamia University, Bahawalpur.B. Pharmacy &  Pharm. D.100100
PunjabDepartment of Pharmacy, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore.B. Pharmacy &  Pharm. D.140NIL
PunjabDepartment of Pharmacy, University of Sargodha, Sargodha.Pharm. D.100100
PunjabCollege of Pharmacy, GC University, FaisalabadPharm. D.100NIL
PunjabInstitute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, LahorePharm. D.5050
PunjabUniversity of Agriculture, FaisalabadPharm. D.100NIL
PunjabLahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lahore.B. Pharmacy  &  Pharm. D.100100
PunjabFaculty of Pharmacy, University of Lahore, Lahore Campus, Lahore.B. Pharmacy  &  Pharm. D.100100
PunjabFaculty of Pharmacy The University of Faisalabad, Faisalabad.Pharm. D.100100
PunjabFaculty of Pharmacy,Hajvery University, LahorePharm. D.75NIL
PunjabAkhtar Saeed College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lahore.Pharm. D.100NIL
PunjabSuperior University, Lahore.Pharm. D.50 + 55 of two sections, annuallyNIL
PunjabFaculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences (formerly Lahore Pharmacy College), LahorePharm. D.100100
PunjabMargalla Institute of Health Sciences, RawalpindiPharm. D.75NIL
PunjabUniversity of Central PunjabPharm. D.4 sections of 50, annuallyNIL
PunjabRIPHAH International University, Lahore Campus.Pharm. D100100
PunjabGrand Asian University SialkotPharm. D.100100
PunjabRashid Latif College of Pharmacy, LahorePharm. D.10050
PunjabLeads College of Pharmacy, Lahore.Pharm. D100NIL
PunjabJohar Institute of Professional Studies, Lahore.Pharm. D7575
PunjabSouthern Punjab Institute of Health Sciences, MultanPharm. D.10060
PunjabForman Christian College, LahorePharm. D.50NIL
PunjabYusra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, RawalpindiPharm. D.60NIL
PunjabInstitute of Pharmacy, Gulab Devi Educational Complex, Lahore.Pharm. D.100NIL
PunjabCadson College of Pharmacy, Kharian(Gujrat)Pharm. D.7575
PunjabUniversity of Chenab, Gujrat(formerly University of Lahore, Gujrat CampusPharm. D.100100